NIST hosted the first International Biometric Performance Conference in Gaithersburg, MD (US) from March 2-4, 2010.  The slides will shortly be available on the NIST website .

The conference will brought together users, technology providers, integrators and evaluators to discuss performance-related issues in applications and programs that embed a biometric function or component.
The conference intended to detail the latest developments in how systems are being tested, analyzed and certified, rather than present the latest testing results.   The conference addressed what performance criteria are being specified in procurement and selection
processes.  The talks will respect operational needs, and provided emphasis to what operators require from test and evaluation activities.
The conference aims to identify how the accumulated experience of the last decade (research, evaluation, deployment, outcomes) can be leveraged to direct future biometrics-based applications.  The conference also addressed the required properties of core algorithms.
The conference aims to identify novel evaluation methodologies and recent trends in testing, and to determine what is most operationally relevant in the context of the contemporary and emerging marketplaces.
TECHNICAL CONTACT– The co-chairs can be reached via
CONFERENCE LOGISTICS CONTACT- Please email Teresa Vicente at
Patrick Grother, NIST, U. S. Department of Commerce
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch,
Fraunhofer IGD, Department Security Technology
Fraunhoferstr. 5, D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany
Tel: +49-6151-155-536


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