Best practice in national identification management

_47802671_009246370-1ICAO’s interest in travel security has, in the past, largely concentrated on the security of the travel document itself. However, ICAO’s interest is wider with a goal to ensuring that a consistent level of security and integrity applies to all components of the ‘travel continuum’: the application and supporting documents, the interview (where required), and the the adjudicative decision-making processes. The provision of a highly secure blank travel document allows the approval decision to be followed by secure personalization and issuance, with interoperability at international borders.
“TOWARDS BETTER PRACTICE IN NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION MANAGEMENT”, Technical Report (TR) release 3, 20 Nov 2012 highlights the need for consistent effort across all processes. However, it suggests that in the decision processes, particularly the establishment of confidence in a person’s identity, is an area that can easily fall behind in the strength of its security when compared with that of the document itself.

Current ICAO guidance does not set standards for how confidence in a person’s identity should be established, as the best way of achieving this will vary from country to country, depending on local laws, customs, and the uses to which ‘foundation’ documents are put. Rather it sets out a framework of outcomes which should be achieved in order to be confident in a person’s identity prior to issuing a travel document.


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