Biometrics Labo Annual Workshop 22 Feb 2012

turbineWe take this opportunity to invite you to the Norwegian  (NBLAW) 2013. The workshop will take place on Friday 22nd February 2013 at Gjøvik University College (GUC), Norway.

This event is facing all who are interested in technologies, policies, applications, and wider acceptability of biometrics. The event in 2013 focuses on the topic “off-the-shelf technologies“ to realize user-centered biometrics with a better acceptability, higher efficiency, and lower deployment cost.


– European Association of Biometrics (

– Research Council of Norway ( via VERDIKT

Agenda (10.00 – 15.15):

– Welcome

(Nils Kalstad Svendsen -Section leader NISlab – GUC)

– Introduction and vision of the Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory

(Christoph Busch – Head of NBL – GUC)

– The theme of the workshop 2013 and topics in brief

(Bian Yang – GUC)

– Biometrics in a networked world

(Kevin C. Mangold – NIST – USA)

– Challenges and opportunities of cloud biometrics

(Ho Chang – BioID – Germany)

– Human dynamics for identification – research in Machine Vision

(Guoying Zhao – Univ. of Oulu – Finland)

– Preliminary analysis and vision of fingerprints collection

using smartphone cameras

(Bian Yang – GUC)

– Face recognition using light field camera

(Raghavendra Ramachandra – GUC)

– Usage of face biometrics in airports –

passenger timing, watch-listing and more

(Bendik Mjaaland – Accenture)

– On the fly head shape parameter estimation for

Automatic Border Control applications

(Catherine Herold – Morpho – France)

– Panel discussion: Key factors for deployment of Mobile and

User-Centered Biometrics

The event will take place in room K102 on campus of the Gjøvik University College. More details on NBLAW 2013 including talks / speakers and logistic information can be found via:

The registration (

as well as the attendance is free of any charge.

Best regards,

Bian Yang and Christoph Busch

(Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory)


Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch

Norwegian Information Security Laboratory (NISlab) Gjøvik University College Teknologiveien 22

2815 Gjøvik, Norway

Phone: +47-611-35-194




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