ETSI security

ETSI is pleased to invite you to the 8th ETSI Security Workshop
taking place on 16-17 January 2013
in ETSI’s Headquarters, in Sophia Antipolis (France)

The Annual ETSI Security Workshop has built a reputation of being a premier event on Security. It brings together the latest from those developing International Standards and security experts to discuss recent developments, share knowledge, identify gaps and co-ordinate on future actions and work areas.

The workshop aims at creating stimulating discussions arising from interesting contributions from those working within the following areas:

  • International standardization
  • CEN/CENELEC Standardization
  • Machine to Machine and Smart Grid Security
  • Mobile and network security
  • Intelligent Transport System Security
  • Privacy and Cloud
  • Security Testing

The event is free of charge and open to all upon registration.

The full programme together with registration are available from the event site.

ETSI is looking forward to welcoming you to this event!

The ETSI Event team


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