Security 2013 utlysning


by Magnar Aukrust

  • Call identifier: FP7-SEC-2013-1
  • Date of publication: 10/July/2012[1]
  • Deadline:22/November/2012 at 17.00.00, Brussels local time[2]
  • Indicative budget:EUR 298.73 million[3]
  • Call identifier: FP7-SEC-2013-1
  • Date of publication: 10/July/2012[1]
  • Deadline:22/November/2012 at 17.00.00, Brussels local time[2]
  • Indicative budget:EUR 298.73 million[3]
Activity/ Area Topics called Funding Schemes
Activity 10.1 Security of citizens
Area: 10.1.1 Organised crime Topic SEC-2013.1.1-1 Serious organised economic crime CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013.1.1-2 “Stronger Identity for EU citizens” CP-FPCoordinate proposal (NO) with (SL) and (TR)
Area: 10.1.2 Intelligence against terrorism none none
Area: 10.1.3 Explosives Topic SEC-2013.1.3-1 Inhibiting the use of explosives precursors CP-FP
Area: 10.1.4 Ordinary crime and forensics Topic SEC-2013.1.4-1 Smart and protective clothing for law enforcement and first responders CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.1.4-2 Development of a Common European Framework for the application of new technologies in the collection and use of evidence CSA
Area: 10.1.5 CBRN protection Topic SEC-2013.1.5-1 European toolbox, focusing on procedures, practices and guidelines for CBRN forensic aspects CP-FP
Area: 10.1.6Information gathering Topic SEC-2013.1.6-1 Framework and tools for (semi-) automated exploitation of massive amounts of digital data for forensic purposes CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013.1.6-2 Novel technologies and management solutions for protection of crowds CP-IPMight interest smartphone sensor tech. and elaborate from ICT Call 9 on Crowd
Topic SEC-2013-1.6-3 Surveillance of wide zones: from detection to alert CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013-1.6-4 Information Exploitation CP-IP
Activity: 10.2 Security of infrastructures and utilities
Area: 10.2.1 Design, planning of buildings and urban areas Topic SEC-2013.2.1-1 Evidence based and integral security concepts for government asset protection CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.2.1-2 Impact of extreme weather on critical infrastructure CP-FP
Area: 10.2.2 Energy, transport, communication grids Topic SEC-2013.2.2-1 A research agenda for security issues on land transport Coordination and Support Action (Coordinating Action)ITS/Ertico proposal
Topic SEC-2013.2.2-2 Toolbox for pandemics or highly dangerous pathogens in transport hubs – Capability Project CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.2.2-3 Protection of smart energy grids against cyber attacks CP-FPGUC Protergy proposal updates
Topic SEC-2013.2.2-4 Cost effectiveness of security measures applied to renewable/distributed energy production and distribution CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.2.2-5 Security of ground based infrastructure and assets operating space systems CP-FP
Area: 10.2.3 Surveillance none none
Area: 10.2.4 Supply chain Topic SEC-2013.2.4-1 Phase II demonstration programme on logistics and supply chain security CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013.2.4-2 Non-military protection measures for merchant shipping against piracy CP-FP or Coordination and Support Action
Area: 10.2.5 Cyber crime Topic SEC-2013.2.5-1 Developing a Cyber crime and cyber terrorism research agenda CSA
Topic SEC-2013.2.5-2 Understanding the economic impacts of Cyber crime in non-ICT sectors across jurisdictions CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.2.5-3 Cross border Real-time detection and management of cyber incidents/attacks/espionage on critical infrastructures in sectors other than the ICT sector and government networks (i.e. energy, transport, finance, health, etc) CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013.2.5-4 Protection systems for utility networks CP-FP
Activity: 10.3 Intelligent surveillance and border security
Area: 10.3.1 Sea borders none none
Area: 10.3.2 Land borders Topic SEC-2013.3.2-1 Pre-Operational Validation (POV) on land borders CP-CSAITS/Ertico proposal
Topic SEC-2013.3.2-2 Sensor technology for under foliage detection CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013.3.2-3 Mobile equipment at the land border crossing points CP-FP
Area: 10.3.3 Air borders none none
Area: 10.3.4 Border checks Topic SEC-2013.3.4-1 Border checkpoints – hidden human detection CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.3.4-2 Extended border security – passport breeder document security CSAGUC proposal based on BCP of the Future (Sule)
Topic SEC-2013.3.4-3 Security checks versus risk at borders CP-FP
Area: 10.3.5 Intelligent border surveillance none none
Activity: 10.4 Restoring security and safety in case of crisis
Area: 10.4.1 Preparedness, prevention, mitigation and planning Topic SEC-2013.4.1-1 Phase II demonstration programme on aftermath crisis management CP-IP
Topic SEC-2013.4.1-2 Better understanding of the cascading effect in crisis situations in order to improve future response and preparedness and contribute to lower damages and other unfortunate consequences CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.4.1-3 Development of simulation models and tools for optimising the pre-deployment and deployment of resources and the supply chain in external emergency situations CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.4.1-4 Development of decision support tools for improving preparedness and response of Health Services involved in emergency situations CP-FPKITH Jakob Hygen Bjarte Aksnes
Topic SEC-2013.4.1-5 Preparing societies to cope with large scale and/or cross border crisis and disasters CSA
Topic SEC-2013.4.1-6 Preparedness for and management of large scale forest fires CP-IP
Area: 10.4.2Response Topic SEC-2013.4.2-1 Fast rescue of disaster surviving victims: Simulation of and situation awareness during structural collapses including detection of survivors and survival spaces CP-IP
Area: 10.4.3 Recovery Topic SEC-2013.4.3-1 Shaping immediate relief action in line with the goals of development co-operation in post crisis / post conflict societies to maintain stability CP-FP
Area: 10.4.4 CBRN response Topic SEC-2012.4.4-1 Tools for detection, traceability, triage and individual monitoring of victims after a mass CBRN contamination CP-IP
Activity: 10.5 Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability
Area: 10.5.1 Information management Topic SEC-2013.5.1-1 Analysis and identification of security systems and data set used by first responders and police authorities CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.5.1-2 Audio and voice analysis, speaker identification for security applications CP-IP
Area: 10.5.2 Secure communications none none
Area: 10.5.3 Interoperability Topic SEC-2013.5.3-1 Definition of interoperability specifications for information and meta-data exchange amongst sensors and control systems CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.5.3-2 Testing the interoperability of maritime surveillance systems CP-CSAPortahead partner
Area: 10.5.4 Standardisation Topic SEC-2013.5.4-1 Evaluation and certification schemes for security products CP-FP
Activity: 10.6 Security and society
Area: 10.6.1 Citizens, media and security Topic SEC-2013.6.1-1 The impact of social media in emergencies CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.6.1-2 Varying forms of terrorism CP-FP
Topic SEC-2013.6.1-3 Trafficking in Human Beings: analysis of criminal networks for more effective counter-trafficking CSA
Area: 10.6.2 Organisational requirements for interoperability of public users Topic SEC-2013.6.2-1 Facilitators for assistance among EU Member States in emergencies at home and abroad CP-FP or Coordination and Support Action
Area: 10.6.3 Foresight, scenarios and security as evolving concept Topic SEC-2013.6.3-1 Horizon scanning and foresight for security research and innovation CSASecurityValley and GUC may partner Austrian Institute of Technology proposal
Topic SEC-2013.6.3-2 The evolving concept of security CSA
Area: 10.6.4 Security economics none none
Area: 10.6.5 Ethics and justice Topic SEC-2013.6.5-1 Synthesis of results and reviewing of ethics, legal and justice activities in Security research in FP7 CSA
Activity: 10.7 Security Research coordination and structuring
Area: 10.7.1 ERA-net none none
Area: 10.7.2 Small and Medium Enterprises Topic SEC-2013.7.2-1 Open topic for Small and Medium Enterprises: “Solutions for frequent petty crimes that are of high impact to local communities and citizens” CP-FPNorSIS may partner SMEs
Area: 10.7.3 Studies Topic SEC-2013.7.3-1 Increasing the engagement of civil society in security research Coordination and Support Action (Supporting Action)
Area: 10.7.4 Other coordination Topic SEC-2013.7.4-1 Trans-national cooperation among public security research stakeholders Coordination and Support Action (Coordinating Action)
Area: 10.7.5 End-users none none
Area: 10.7.6 Training Topic SEC-2013.7.6-1 Open topic for Small and Medium Enterprises: “Use of serious gaming in order to improve intelligence analysis by law enforcement agents” CP-FPGUC may partner SMEs (Action: Simon McCallum)

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