Finland Goes Live With STORK Electronic Identity Pilots Pilot 1: Cross-Border Authentication Platform for Electronic Services, Pilot 4: Electronic Delivery and Pilot 5: Change of Address

Brussels, Belgium, 06 June 2011 – STORK, a project co-funded by the EU ICT Policy Support Programme under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), which aims to implement EU-wide interoperability of electronic identities (eIDs), today announces that Finland is now live in three STORK pilots. Finland is participating in the Cross-Border Authentication Platform for Electronic Services, Electronic Delivery and Change of Address pilots. The scope of the project is to enable online public services to be accessed securely by citizens of Member States using their nationally issued eID credentials.

The goal of the Cross-Border Authentication Platform for Electronic Services pilot is to achieve further cooperation between EU Member States, via mutual recognition of their respective national eID scheme. Through technical interoperability achieved with electronic services, the ease-of-use and take up of these services will be improved across national borders. Finnish citizens can authenticate with their electronic ID card and use pilot services provided by Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany and Portugal.

The objective of Electronic Delivery pilot is to make national eDelivery portals accessible for citizens of foreign countries using their national eIDs. Furthermore, this pilot aims to create a basic framework enabling countries and their public administrations to send documents to citizens of different countries directly through the citizen’s domestic eDelivery portal. Finnish citizens can authenticate with their electronic ID card and use pilot services provided by Austria, Estonia and Slovenia.

The aim of Change of Address Pilot is to develop a framework for an interoperable Change of Address service that allows foreign citizens (using foreign eID credentials) to notify all relevant entities of an address change, without changing processes currently in place in each Member State. This is achieved by using the STORK defined interoperability layer to identify and authenticate the citizen’s eID and by defining two use cases for the service. Finland is providing the pilot service for uploading address declaration, which has been received from another Member State. The Finnish Change of Address service is available for Finnish citizens living abroad and for foreign citizens of Estonia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Finnish citizens can authenticate with their electronic ID card and use pilot services provided by Estonia, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden. Also access to Spanish services will be available soon.

In addition to these pilots, Finnish citizens will have opportunity to get involved with the SaferChat and Student Mobility pilots.

STORK WP7 “Communication and Sustainability” Leader and Executive Director of Gov2u, Vasilis Koulolias, comments: “Since joining STORK, Finland has been extremely proactive in driving forward the vision of interoperable eID, bringing more than ten years experience of managing national eID cards to the project. Today, we are pleased to announce that the country has entered a new and exciting phase and is now live with three major pilots. We look forward to reporting on their progress and success.”

Finland joined STORK at the beginning of 2010. Since then Finland has implemented the interoperability layer using STORK PEPS (Pan-European Proxy Service), national identification proxy service VETUMA and Finnish electronic ID card (Qualified Certificate) for authentication technology and qualified eSignature certificates for eID verification.

Finland introduced personal citizen eID cards in 1999 and so far about 350,000 have been issued to citizens. The cards’ contact chip provides means for using the card online as it contains both a certificate for online identification and a qualified certificate for eSignature.


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