20 years in the service of Information Security

The ISO/IEC Joint Technical committee SC27 Information Security celebrated their 20 years of existence. Norway joined the standardisation committee from the beginning. Member of national committee Asbjørn Hovstø remembers the huge amount of papers and printed versions in the pre-internet era, sent out by Norsk Teknologi Standardisering (NTS) Bjørnhild Sæterøy and Knut Lindelien. – Our post officer had heavy loads on his shoulders these days. Hovstø had the position as national EDI coordinator for national contact point Norsk TEDIS/EDIPRO (now NorStella) dealing with security envelopes and digital signatures using UN/EDIFACT coding scheme for trade documents. – We were proud to have our own chairman, Svein Knapskog (photo), NTNU, chairing the Working Group 3 on Security Evaluation and being responsible for Common Criteria in ISO/IEC. His active role in research and industry has put Norway on the global map and loads of students have benefited from his structured and inspiring way of sharing knowledge, both in Trondheim and in Gjøvik. Still, the national mirror committee K171 is active on the ISO/IEC 27000-series, but also interests on Identity Management and Privacy is rising. Today, Hovstø is chairing K188 on Person identification and biometrics mainly supporting the SC37 Biometrics committee established in 2001. – However, we have a close and excellent cooperation with K171 on Identity Management and Privacy.

More about the anniversary book here


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