Biometri på norsk?

Gjennom den europeiske standardiseringsorganisasjonen CEN etableres det nå et prosjekt for å implementere biometri for Europa.

This action will be carried out through CEN/TC 224 “Personal identification, electronic signature and cards and their related systems and operations” and a new WG 18 on biometric will be set up. An expertise (related to e-Governments and Identification aspects) already exists under the CEN/TC 224 and its different WGs:
• WG 15 “European Citizen Card”,
• WG 16 “Application interface for smart cards used as secured signature creation devices”,
• WG 17 “Protection profiles in the context of electronic signature”.
As a national standardization body, AFNOR will propose to take the lead of this new WG.
The projects will strongly support the following European organizations:
• Companies developing products and services using biometric technologies and system integrators, that need efficient European Standards in order to enable them to compete effectively in future world markets,
• Governments, that need to be aware of standards in order to propose future requirements and procurements of biometric applications,
• Citizen representative bodies and legislators that need to understand the implications of standards in relation to privacy- and other citizen-relevant legislation in the implementation of biometric applications throughout Europe,
• National Standards Bodies that do not actively participate in international biometric standards activities but need relevant information to brief their own mirror committees and other national standards groups.
The project aims to support European requirements on biometrics standardization by taking further two topics that cannot be addressed at the international level by SC 37 but need a consensus at European level.

The proposal takes into account the situation that the scope of the CEN/TC 224 already includes the development of standards on travel documents (see European Citizen Card), driving license. What is more, the CEN/TC 224 is developing standards on security infrastructures in the context of applications of European directives (see e-Sign).


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