Biometrics Award for biometric research

Following the success of the fourth dedicated European Biometrics Award last year which encourages on-going essential research in biometrics, the European Biometrics Forum (EBF) is launching its fifth EBF European Biometrics Research Award 2010. This prestigious and established award is made annually to an individual who has been judged by a panel of internationally respected experts to be making a significant contribution to the field of biometrics research in Europe. Senior PhD students in biometrics are invited to apply for the award. The deadline for submission of papers is 20 August 2010.
Internationally renowned experts in biometrics have been brought together to judge the EBF European Biometric Research Award 2010.
They include:
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch, Fraunhofer-IGD, Germany
Dr. Bernadette Dorizzi, Technical Co-ordinator of the NoE BioSecure, France
Prof. Josef Kittler, School of Electronics and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey, UK
Prof. Richard Reilly, Trinity College, Ireland
Prof. Arun Ross, West Virginia University, USA
Dr. Günter Schumacher, JRC, European Commission
Prof. Massimo Tistarelli, University of Sassari, Italy
Prof. Raymond Veldhuis, Twente University, The Netherlands
The Chairman of the Award is Mr. Gustav Kalbe, Acting Head of Unit Trust & Security in ICT Research, European Commission – DG INFSO
The award will be decided by the submission of a research paper and delivery of a presentation by a senior PhD student with a major focus in biometrics. This academic panel will give a judgment on the academic and scientific value of the proposed papers and will decide the main award of the competition.
The winner of the EBF European Biometric Research Award 2010 will receive a commemorative medal and a €2,000 honorarium.
A separate jury will judge on the business potential of the proposed papers. This jury, which will be comprised of specialists from the business and public sector, will look at the novelty, applicability and other business aspects of the papers. This will be known as the EBF European Biometric Industry Research Award 2010. The winner of the EBF European Biometric Industry Research Award 2010 will receive a €750 honorarium and an Award Certificate
Applicants will be invited to submit biometric research papers by a deadline of Friday, 20 August 2010 where they will be examined by a jury. A shortlist will be drawn up and candidates will be asked to present their papers at the Final of the Competition. The Final will take place during the EBF Research Seminar in Brussels in autumn 2010.
Chairman of the award, Mr Kalbe said: “This unique dedicated biometrics award run by the EBF is an excellent method of encouraging and recognising the achievements of young researchers in biometrics in Europe. This promotes high level research in biometrics which positions Europe as a key innovator with regards to research in this flourishing technology.”
The winner of the 2009 inaugural award was Mr. Emile Kelkboom from the University of Twente, Netherlands. He presented at the final of the competition during Biometrics 2009 in London on the 21 October 2009.
CEO of the EBF, Max Snijder said: “Research and development is key to the competitive positioning of Europe in the market for biometrics and ID-management solutions. To foster Europe’s academic excellence, the EBF has organised the biometric research award which is a unique, first-of-its kind award. The award, now in its fifth year, continues to discover and promote excellence in biometric research.”
Application Process for the Award
The Target Audience and Eligibility
Entrants for consideration must be registered for a PhD degree in a European University. Their area of research must have a major biometrics focus. To have sufficient depth of research, it is envisaged that only PhD students in the final or penultimate year of study would be considered. No applications can be considered from a PhD student who has graduated.
The scope of papers considered
The field of interest is the application of the concepts and methods of biometrics from a physical, mathematical, electronic engineering or computer science perspective. This covers a very broad spectrum ranging from formalised mathematical theory through experimental science and technological development to practical applications. Research papers should be a maximum of 6 pages.
How to apply
Interested applicants are asked to submit a biometric research paper of no more than 6 pages by Friday, 20 August 2010, according to the rules of the Award. There is no fee to enter the competition. Research papers will be reviewed by an expert Judging Panel. Following the review, three candidates will be shortlisted and asked to present their research at the Final of the Award during the EBF Research Seminar in October. The winner will be presented with the EBF European Biometrics Research Award 2010 medal and a prize fund.
For all information about the award including Application Forms and the Rules, please visit: and go to Research Award (left hand column of homepage)
For more information on the award or sponsorship, contact
Jen Macken
European Biometrics Forum
Tel: +353-1-488 5810


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