G8 om Identity Fraud

G8-landene i regi av det canadiske formannskapet etterspør Establishing Identity and the Foundation Level

Advancements in document security features have made identity and travel documents increasingly difficult to counterfeit. Document issuance systems have become the target for criminals.  A significant risk lies in the use of fraudulently obtained, counterfeit and altered foundation documents as well as incomplete or false information contained in civil registry databases to obtain a legitimate travel document under a false identity.

The goal of this project is to identify the practices used in G8 countries to establish identity at the foundation level. This includes the way each country manages vital records (birth, death, name changes, naturalization), the use of biometrics to permanently link a person with an official identity, and the use of national identity registries, cards or other documents that serve this purpose.

This project was recommended by the G8 Migration Experts Sub-Group (MESG) and approved by the Heads of Delegation at the first G8 Roma/Lyon meeting under the Canadian presidency (February 24-26, 2010).


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